NEC elections 2021 – use your vote

UNISON’s National Executive Council has the power to act on behalf of the union and is responsible for implementing UNISON policy and delivering on the union’s objectives and priorities. NEC seats come up for election every 2 years and the latest ballot will open on 4th May. The York Branch Committee agreed to nominate the following candidates:

  • Yorkshire and Humber Region – Sarah Littlewood & Wendy Nichols (Female seats), Tony Wright (Male seat) and Theresa Rollinson (Low pay seat)
  • Local Government Service Group – Diana Leach (General seat), Emma Garson & Andrea Egan (Female seats) and Paul Holmes (Male seat)
  • Black members – Manjula Kumari & Nimisha Trivedi (Female seats), Hugo Pierre (Male seat) and Julia Mwaluke (Low pay seat)
  • Disabled members – Angela Hamilton (General seat) and Paula Carlyle (Female seat)
  • Young members – Kiera Hilder (General seat) and Lilly Boulby (Female seat)